Rehearsal Materials

For your woodshedding pleasure!

Eric Whitacre, Five Hebrew Love Songs

At Eric Whitacre’s website there is a video called “Eric Discusses the Five Hebrew Love Songs,” in which Hila Plittman, his wife and the author, goes over the pronunciation.

This is (in Michael’s opinion) a great recording.
A contrasting recording, one that Eric has praised.
The text in Hebrew, in the poet’s handwriting, for those who want to read the original!

Libby Larsen, Songs of Youth and Pleasure

The are recordings at her website.

Randall Thompson, Frostiana

There are lots of recordings of individual movements on youtube; here’s one of the whole thing.
There are midi files here.

Moses Hogan, “Walk Together, Children”

As performed by the Moses Hogan Singers, which seems authoritative.
Here is another performance.

William Levi Dawson, “Soon Ah Will Be Done”

Also from the Moses Hogan Singers.
Another one.

Harry Burleigh, “My Lord, What a Morning”

For the trifecta.

P. D. Q. Bach, “My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth”

Practice Tracks.

P. D. Q. Bach, “Two Hearts”

A performance.