Why We Need Your Support

Harvard Pro Musica is very much dependent on the generous contributions of our audience and benefactors who love music and wish to support the arts. Ticket sales and cultural council grants only cover a small portion of our operating expenses and your contributions help make possible a 45 year tradition of building community through song.

The members of HPM buy their own music and pay dues that support weekly rehearsals.  But to support the caliber of musicians we work with, we need community support

  • for operational expenses: conductor, accompanist, rehearsal space
  • for the production costs of concerts: soloists, musicians, venue rental, printing of programs and tickets, publicity
  • to help us realize our vision to support choral singing in our region

Benefits of being an HPM Sponsor

In addition to the tangible benefits of concert tickets and acknowledgment in our publicity, you are investing in our local communities, helping us present arts events of high caliber, and building a community of singers.

Your donation makes a concert possible:

  • $500 sponsors a concert venue
  • $1000 sponsors an orchestra section
  • $2000 sponsors soloists for a concert
  • $5000 sponsors a complete orchestra
  • $10,000 underwrites a concert

Corporate Donors

All corporate sponsorships include a link to your business website on our website. Also, all sponsorships of $100 or more include an ad in this season’s concert programs. Additional benefits listed below.

  • $1000 Concert Sponsor (Full-page program ad, company logo on our website)
  • $500 Musician Sponsor (Full-page program ad, company logo on our website)
  • $200 (Full-page program ad, company logo on our website)
  • $100 (Half-page program ad)
  • $50 (Listed in this season’s programs as a corporate sponsor)

Donors (Individual|Group)

  • $500+ Concert Angel
  • $300 Musician Benefactor
  • $250 Patron
  • up to $100 Friend

All donors, regardless of amount, will be listed in the program if they so choose.

Make Your Donation Today

Bruce and Fran Nickerson

Joseph Gaffney
Reddy Family Dental


Kathy Hewett and William Salter
Harry Jacobson and Joyce Ward
Jared Wollaston and John Cunney
Richard High and Anne Perkins


Leo Blair
Margaret Burt
In memory of Sandra Erickson (HPM member ’11-’12)
In memory of Fred Feyling
Deborah Hess
Terry Holsinger
Philip LaFollette
Susan and Ron Ostberg
Michael Shear and Laura Rogers
Eleanor and Imre Toth
Willie Wickman
Tony Simollardes
Reeves and Karla Briggs


Audrey Ball
Teddy and Dave Coffin
Blaise and Daria Eckert
Jody and Jim Fox
Lynne Johnson and Joe Meyerson
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Knoettner
Lauren and Nicholas Kondon
Ken Troup
Rick Veltri
Laila Visco