Hi all,

No snow in the forecast!

Tonight’s call is 6:00; be there early enough to drop off your reception munchies first.

Could a few people come a little early to set things up? It won’t take much. And could a few more people volunteer to stay late? Besides a bit of riser-moving and the like we’ll need to leave the Fellowship Hall (where the reception will be) ready for tomorrow. That’s very much a many-hands-make-light-work job.

Parking: as you know, parking in the center of town can be a bit tight. Please leave the spaces closest to the church for our audience! If you don’t mind a short walk in the dark, the high school lot is a fine place to park.

See you soon!

Saturday Call Time, etc.

Hi all,

First, thanks to everyone for your flexibility in all this rescheduling, to all who came to last night’s hurriedly scheduled rehearsal, and especially to Lea for coming out with little notice to run it. I for one feel much more comfortable now!

The call for Saturday will be at 6, to allow a little extra time to get ourselves positioned.

An updated poster is here (thanks, Jane!) — print some out and put them up in public places.

And buy/sell tickets!


Rehearsal Tonight

Hi all,

We’re on for tonight! 7:30, Congregational Church. Don’t use the main doors (they’ll be locked), but the one to the right of it.

We’ll get used to the space, do some blending and group singing exercises, hit some trouble spots, and get home early.

See you tonight!

One more rehearsal?

Hi all,

It would be nice to get in one rehearsal in the Congregational Church, to acclimate a bit to the space. Two possibilities:

Tonight neither Carey nor Susan could be there, but Lea could lead us in a short rehearsal to polish a few spots and work on blending in the new surroundings.

Or tomorrow we could have Susan but not Lea.

So — who could be there tonight? Tomorrow? We’ll need to make a call soon for tonight —

Apologies for the rushed and last-minute nature of this — such is the joy of rescheduling!



Hi all,

A quick and happy update: we have a location for Saturday! We’ll be at the Harvard Congregational Church — that’s the one on the other side of the common, down the hill from the UU church where we rehearse.

Details (and there will be details) to come. Stay warm!